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          VOLUME 44 / ISSUE 4

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1 - Fas and fas-ligand expressions and their relationship with clinicopathologic parameters in laryngeal squamous cell carcinomas

Murat Hakan Karabulut, Müberra Seğmen Yılmaz, Cumhur Selçuk Topal, Medine Murtazaoğlu, Dilek Yavuzer, Nimet Karadayı, Gözde Kır

Objective: Fas (Apo-1, CD95) and its ligand Fas-Ligand (FasL) are important molecular markers for the regulation of the apoptosis (programmed cell death). In this retrospective study, expression of Fas and FasL and their relationship with the clinical, histopathologic parameters and prognosis, in squamous cell carcinomas (SCC)which consists 96% of laryngeal cancers, was investigated.

Materials and method: Immunohistochemical staining for the CD95 (FAS) (Ab-4 Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody, Lab Vision Corp. Neomarkers, Fremont CA, USA. 60 minutes) and FasL (Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody, Lab Vision Corp. Neomarkers, Fremont CA, USA. 60 minutes) was applied on the slides obtained from paraffin blocks of the 53 laryngeal SCC.

Results: We found significantly positive relationship (p<0.01) between the Fas expression and histologic differentiation and between Fas and FasL (p<0.05) at the tumor cells.

Conclusion: In this study, Fas and FasL are found to be in correlation with histologic grade.

Keywords: Fas, FasL, laryngeal squamous cell carcinomas

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