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          VOLUME 44 / ISSUE 3

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8 - Atelectasis in a case with larynx tumour after urgent intubation

Müge Coşkun Çelik, Ayşe Hancı, Şebnem Türk, Melehat Erol, Birsen Ekşioğlu

The imminent airway obstruction caused by a tumor of the larynx must be control quickly. However, this kind of intubations with unexpected tumors may be traumatic. In this case report; a case with laryngeal tumor admitted to emergency department due to progressive breathing diffuculty and later was intubated because of downing consciousness level and severe respiratuar acidosis, was illustrated. During intubation the tumor was seen and he was taken to operation for tracheostomy. In postoperative period, after oscultation of thorax at left lung field breath sounds couldn’t taken and atelectasis was seen in thorax graphy. A computed tomography scan of the thorax, rigid bronchoscopy performed and fiberoptic bronchoscopy was planned.The patient, spontaneously removed the fragment after tracheal aspiration. The pathology result of the fragment reported as larynx squamöz cell CA. In this case report we want to emphasize when confronted with unexpected tumors of larynx in course of laryngoscopy, the travmatization of the fragment must be considered. The oscultation of lung and controlling with thorax graphy is so important.

Keywords: Larenx tümör, atelektazi, entübasyon

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