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          VOLUME 44 / ISSUE 3

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5 - Lipomatous hemangiopericytoma (Fat- containing variant of solitary fibrous tumor)

Fevziye Kabukçuoğlu, Ayşim Özağarı, Yavuz Kabukçuoğlu, Gürkan Yetkin

Lipomatous hemangiopericytoma is an uncommon, slow-growing benign mesenchymal neoplasm, composed of mature adipocytes and hemangiopericytoma-like areas. The deep soft tissues of the lower extremity and the retroperitoneum are mostly affected. This unique variant of hemangiopericytoma was described by Nielsen in 1995. A 36 year old male presented with a 12 year history of a slowly enlarging mass in the right inguinal region. 14 cm, mobile, painless mass within deep soft tissues was detected. Biopsy findings were consistent with hemangiopericytoma. The mass was totally excised. On gross examination the tumor was a 14x10x7 cm, well-circumscribed, firm, solid mass. It was yellowish – tan on cross section. Microscopically it was composed of cellular areas admixed with single cells, clusters or lobules of mature adipocytes. The histopathological findings were interpreted as lipomatous hemangiopericytoma. Five year follow up of the patient showed no recurrence. Histopathological and clinical features of this distinctive tumor is presented with a brief discussion of its origin.

Keywords: Lipomatous hemangiopericytoma, solitary fibrous tümör

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