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3 - Mesenchymal tumors of the breast

Hanife Özkayalar, Fevziye Kabukçuoğlu, Canan Tanık, K. Gülçin Eken, Özlem Ton Eryılmaz, Gürkan Yetkin

Abstract: Mesenchymal tumors of the breast, including benign and malignant lesions are rare. The presenting feature is often a palpable solid mass, however they may be diagnosed incidentally by radiological methods. Mesenchymal tumors of the breast diagnosed in our clinic have been evaluated in this study.

Material and Methods: Mesenchymal tumors localized in the breast, diagnosed between the years 1991-2009 are included in this study. Clinical findings, pathology reports and slides of the cases are evaluated retrospectively.

Results: A total of 23 patients (20 female, 3 male) were included in the study. According to their sites of involvement, 12 lesions were in the left and ten were in the right breast. The location of one of the cases is unknown. Histopathological diagnosis of the lesions were as 12 cases of lipoma, 2 cases of hemangioma, 2 cases of myofibroblastoma and one case of hemangiopericytoma, angioleiomyoma, chondrosarcoma, fibromatosis, angiosarcoma, metastatic rhabdomyosarcoma and liposarcoma each. Two of the male cases were lipoma and one case was myofibroblastoma. 19 cases (85%) were benign and 4 cases (15%) were malignant.

Conclusion: Although very rare, mesenchymal tumors can be encountered in the breast. Benign lesions are diagnosed more often, however malignant and metastatic mesenchymal tumors may also arise. Possibility of a mesenchymal tumor should be taken into consideration. especially when evaluating small biopsy specimens and immunohistochemical methods should be applied whenever necessary.

Keywords: Breast, mesenchymal tumor

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