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2 - The effect of mean platelet volume on greft patency in patients with coronary artery bypass surgery

Osman Akın Serdar, Sinan Arslan, Tolga Doğan, Can Özbek, Taner Kuştarcı

Purpose: In our study, we aimed to investigate the effects of mean platelet volume on graft patency in patients with coronary artery bypass surgery.

Material and Methods: We investigated the registeries of 323 patients with coronary artery bypass surgery who were hospitalizated for coronary angiography between January 2004 and May 2009. Participants were divided into 2 groups. Patent-Graft Group was consisted of 199 patients (151 male, 48 female), and Occluded-Graft Group consisted of 124 patients (104 male, 20 female). In the occluded-graft group, at least one graft occlusion was detected. We investigated the relationship between the effects of the mean platelet volume, age, sex, smoking, diabetes mellitus, obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, medicine usage, blood chemistery and the time after bypass surgery on the graft patency.

Results: Between two groups, no significant difference was noted for age (p=0,091), sex (p=0,087), hypertension (p=0,180), diabetes mellitus (p=0,204), hyperlipidemia (p=0,644) and smoking (p=0,856) But for obesity there was a significant istatistical difference on behalf of the first group (p=0,035). Time after bypass surgery was 8,75±4,35 and 10,56±6,02 years for the first and the second groups, respectively (p=0,006).Mean platelet volume was significantly higher in the graft occluded group (10.5±5.6 fl and 8.8±1.4 fl, p<0,001). Nitrate usage was higher in the first group (p=0,01) and warfarin usage was higher in the second group (p=0,040)

Conclusion: In this study, we have shown that mean platelet volume was significantly higher in occluded-graft group than the patent-graft group. This finding shows us that patients with occluded grafts may need more aggressive anti-platelet therapy.

Keywords: Mean platelet volume, MPV, coronary artery graft surgery, graft patency

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