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          VOLUME 42 / ISSUE 1

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2 - The evaluation of patients diagnosed with mumps meningoencephalitis


Objective: We investigated the demographic and clinical characteristics of the patients diagnosed with mumps meningoencephalitis in the clinic of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Şişli Etfal Training and Research Hospital. Methods and Material: 121 patients diagnosed with mumps meningoencephalitis at our hospital have been evaluated retrospectively between Jan 2004-Dec 2007. Results: The number of patients hospitalized was 11 in 2004, 12 in 2005 versus 48 in 2006 and 50 in 2007. In June 2006, national immunization had started with inclusion Measles-Mumps- Rubella (MMR) vaccine to the National Immunization Schedule. This year?s data based on immunization records of diagnosed patients revealed the fact that, while patients till 2007 were nonimmunized, 38% of diagnosed patients was immunized twice, 32% of diagnosed patients was immunized once and that 22% of patients was nonimmunized. The complaints in order of frequency were fever in 100%, vomiting in 90%, headache in 57.8% and abdominal pain in 9.9% of patients. 70% of patients have had stiffness, 44.6% positive Kerning-Brudzinsky and 5.7% convulsion. Conclusion: The immunization should be realized all over the country. The incidence of meningoencephalitis which is the most important complication of mumps, should be of consideration even among children immunized with mumps.

Keywords: mumps, meningoencephalitis, immunization

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