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          VOLUME 35 / ISSUE 3

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1 - Rickets depend on vitamine faliure

Günsel Kutluk, Feyzullah Çetinkaya

2 - Chemoprevention Of cancer

Mehtap Dalkılıç Çalış, Oktay İncekara

3 - Macrosomia, incidence and risk factors

Güner Karatekin, Özgül Salihoğlu, Günay Cantürk, Füsun Okan, Asiye Nuhoğlu

4 - The use of mixturing the local anaesthetics in the spinal anaesthesia

Ayda Başgül, Ayşe Hancı, Türkan Şanlıer

5 - Soft Tissue Sarcoma In Adolescents And Young Adults Our ClimcalResults

Mehtap D. Çalış, Yusuf Başer, Öznur Aksakal, Oktay İncekara

6 - General observed properties of patients with low grade Astrocytomas

Ahmet Uyanoğlu, Didem Karaçetin, Özlem Maral, Öznur Aksakal, Oktay İncekara

7 - Local radiotherapy in low grade astrocytomas summary

Ahmet Uyanoğlu, Özlem Maral, Didem Karaçetin, Öznur Aksakal, Oktay İncekara

8 - Our Anaesthesia applies between 1977-1989 years in Neurosurgery clinic

Ayda Başgül, Ayşe Hancı, Leyla Türkoğlu, Dilek Tezal,

9 - The Diagnostic Value Of The Transvaginal Ultrasonography, CA-125 And Malignancy Risk Index At The Differential Diagnosis Of The Adnexal Masses

Ahmet Varolan, Atıf Akyol, Tevflk Yoldemir, Asuman Sevük, İnci Davas

10 - The Clinical Scorring System At The Diagnosis And Treatment Of The Adnexal Tumors

Ahmet Varolan, Atıf Akyol, Tevfik Yoldemir, Asuman Sevük, İnci Davas

11 - Small cell lung cancer patients at general characteristics of our clinic

Özlem Maral, Didem Karaçetin, Saliha Peksu, Ahmet Uyanoğlu, Öznur Aksakal, Oktay İncekara

12 - Results of treatment of small cell lung cancers at our clinic

Özlem Maral, Didem Karaçetin, Saliha Peksu, Ahmet Uyanoğlu, Öznur Aksakal, Oktay İncekara

13 - Retrospective evaluation of supraglottic larynx carcinoma in our clinic

Saliha Peksu, Didem Karaçetin, Özlem Maral, Alpaslan Mayadağlı, Oktay İncekara

14 - Case report: Sneddon syndrome

Gamze Bayülkem, Burhanettin Uludağ, Önder Akyürekli

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